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symmedia at the Hermannslauf 2023

symmedia at the Hermannslauf 2023

31 kilometres in the best of moods and sunshine – from Detmold to Bielefeld!
  • 15.05.2023
    Marius Burger

Every year on the last Sunday in April, more than a thousand walkers and runners join the “Hermannslauf”: It covers a distance of 31.1 kilometres from the eponymous Hermann Monument near Detmold to Sparrenburg Castle in Bielefeld – and just as in the year before, we met as a team of symmedians to take part!

Hermannslauf symmedia symHealth

At 6:30 in the morning, the bus transfer took us from Bielefeld to Detmold to the Hermann Monument, where the starting signal was given on time at 8:00am and our group of hikers set off under blue skies and beautiful sunshine.

Soon the field of walkers loosened up and things became quiet for the first couple of miles. This changed, however, when we came to Oerlinghausen, where spectators spread good cheer. At various food stations we fueled our bodies with drinks and fruit before we moved on to pass one kilometre sign after the other.

Hermannslauf symmedia Team Weg

After the we passed twenty kilometres, the runners appeared to overtake us – they had started three hours after the hikers. Now the atmosphere started to become more ambitious. The closer we got to Bielefeld, the more spectators cheered us on – shouting and making noise with drums, bells and music systems, encouraging us for the last section which led along the promenade in Bielefeld to Sparrenburg Castle and was lined with people.

Six hours and 31 kilometres after the starting gun, we happily crossed the finish line. Together we’ve had a beautiful day, and even with some tired feet and a little sunburn – there was a big smile on our faces.

We’re looking forward to taking part in 2024 again!

Written by Jasper

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