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symmedia at the AOK Company Run

Seven symmedians, six kilometers and endless sunshine: We ran the AOK Company Run!
  • 27.06.2023
    Anne Ahlert
symmedia at the AOK Company Run

“After the Hermann Run, it’s time for jogging.” That’s what a group of symmedia employees thought as they registered for this year’s AOK Company Run in Wiedenbrück. In mid-June, the day finally arrived, with sunny weather and a well-organized program including drinks and snacks, promising a great evening. The seven symmedia employees were in high spirits and optimistic as they lined up at the starting line.

symmedia For machines symHealth AOK Firmenlauf

The challenge was to complete a total of six kilometers, consisting of three laps around the “Emssee” lake and through the old town. At the start, with around 2,000 participants, it was quite crowded and bustling, but things got a little easier as the race progressed. Supported by a drumming samba group, as well as friends and colleagues who had made the journey from Bielefeld to Wiedenbrück to cheer us on, running felt even easier.

After 30 minutes and quite affected by the heat, all symmedians gradually crossed the finish line. After the job was done, both by the runners and the cheering crowd, we all celebrated the evening with fries, gyros, and cold drinks. Looking forward to the next run, we all continue to stay active!

symmedia For machines symHealth AOK Firmenlauf

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