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SP/1: Proven Security

Discover the details of symmedia SP/1, our well trusted and long served connectivity solution for machines.
  • 07.03.2023
    Bernd Bertram
SP/1: Proven Security

symmedia SP/1 is a remote maintenance and service management tool specifically for mechanical and plant engineering. The core feature of symmedia SP/1 is the support of a structured connection establishment and termination. In the event of service, the machine operator decides if and when access to his machines granted. The machine operator can be certain at all times that nobody is establishing connections without permission.

symmedia SP/1 is certified by TÜViT as a “Trusted Product” and offers maximum security. Every connection is made via a secure symmedia instantVPN® connection. This special way of establishing a connection allows only one outgoing connection to be configured in the firewall. Gates of entry are not even opened as a result.

Remote Service

symmedia SP/1 Remote Service product includes modules that offer convenient tunnel services and communication tools in addition to the classic remote maintenance software functions.

SP/1 symmedia

With symmedia SP/1 Remote Service, a complete remote maintenance infrastructure can be implemented, which enables secure interaction between machine operators and manufacturers. symmedia SP/1 Remote Service includes a structured service process through which machine operators can troubleshoot service requests and report them to the machine manufacturer. Machine manufacturers are automatically notified of service calls. The daylight-following procedure is used to automatically forward fault reports to other service branches outside regular business hours. This makes it very easy to implement 24/7 service concepts.  In the cockpit, the machine manufacturer always has a complete overview of every service case worldwide. Service employees connect via a secure symmedia instantVPN® to rectify faults quickly and easily, every access and every executed function is logged. In addition to desktop sharing and conference center, service employees have access to controls (such as Siemens S7, Beckhoff and many more), which can be used to access the control software with the appropriate authorization.


While classic condition monitoring is usually used locally on individual machines, symmedia SP/1 Monitoring can be used to monitor many machines worldwide at the same time. This creates new possibilities for machine manufacturers. They can now support their customers to a much greater extent with maintenance. You can gain insights into the condition and production behavior of the machines and derive new, needs-based products from them. Availability commitments, productivity advice (e.g. with the help of key figures from the OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness) or operator models can now be effectively supported.

Monitoring. symmedia. For machines.

symmedia SP/1 Monitoring Architecture: The symmedia SP/1 monitoring fits seamlessly into the symmedia SP/1 overall architecture.

In symmedia SP/1 Monitoring, the data from the connected systems is recorded and fed to various functions. Based on rules, it is defined which function is supplied with which data and how the respective function processes its data. The functions includes triggering of alarms, storage and visualization and provision of data for third-party systems.

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