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Robin’s symSushi 2.0

The sequel of our legendary sushi night – homemade Nigiri and Maki!
  • 20.02.2023
    Janika Kläsener
Robin’s symSushi 2.0

As part of our symHappiness events, symmedians organize activities for the entire team (in certain cases these activities are also financially supported by symmedia). In the past, these symHappiness events included presentations of a hobby, making music, doing sports, watching films or going on excursions.

After our symHappiness events were paused during the pandemic, we restarted them in spring and our symmedian Robin went to organize a sequel of our legendary Sushi Night – apparently much to the delight of the team, as almost half of all symmedians took part in what Robin called “symSushi 2.0”!

Once everyone had arrived, it was time to get started! The ingredients such as salmon, tuna, vegetables, and a total of six kilos of rice were ready – cool drinks and green tea were served.

After some snipping and chatting, sushi master Robin gave some instructions to the team and skillfully tought us the different techniques for preparing makis, nigiris and inside-out rolls.

After about an hour and a half of making sushi, snacking raw fish and getting sticky fingers, it was done: several trays were ready, beautifully crafted with both fish and vegetarian alternatives. Overall, maybe the best sushi we’ve ever had.

We look forward to more #symHappiness!

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