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Making a difference in climate protection.

Climate protection and digitalization in the machine industry through digital service
  • 29.05.2024
    Michael Halfar
Making a difference in climate protection.

The demands of digitalization and environmental impact are compelling companies to operate at their best and reduce CO2 emissions. These challenges create a need for action but also offer opportunities for change. As digitalization progresses, new ways to market products and services digitally are emerging, creating unique selling propositions and reducing pricing pressures for the machine industry.

A typical breakdown story

When an operators machine malfunctions or breaks down, quick help is needed to minimize the economic damage caused by the interruption of the production line. In a traditional setting, communication occurs through various channels, and multiple people in charge are contacted, often leading to some degree of information loss. Documenting the process is time-intensive, and time is always a valuable resource in business. Deploying service technicians is costly and requires their availability. In many cases, they must travel around the globe to fix the breakdown, resulting in additional expenses and CO2 emissions.

One solution for any case: Digital Service 

In the event of a machine breakdown, it’s important to have quick solutions and defined process channels. An operator should be able to easily report service requirements from any device at any time. The service provider receives important information about the issue at the right place, where help can be provided: The service department. Before dispatching a service technician, various communication tools such as chat, video, and whiteboard are available to explore potential solutions. Service engineers can provide remote access securely at any time and from anywhere. The operator always retains control over remote access, and a certified security concept ensures the system’s safety. It’s crucial to have dedicated access from a specific endpoint on the service provider’s side to the corresponding endpoint in a machine (e.g., HMI or PLC) rather than linking networks. Security is the primary focus during this phase, creating trust and acceptance.

What else can digital service do?
  • Information from past cases: A service history is saved for each machine and issue, providing important knowledge for the future.
  • One place for all applications: Ordering replacement parts, scrolling through performance data of the machine or accessing a special application that is provided by the machine provider – everything is possible.
  • Management of documents: Collecting any relevant document at one place where they can be made available for the operator by the service provider.
  • For all machines – connected or unconnected. Each machine on the shopfloor can be displayed in just one platform. It simplifies the management of the facility by far, as only one platform and process can be used for any machine on a operators shopfloor.
  • Collection of data: Through modern architectures (e.g. OPC-UA) as well as sovereignty over the data at all times.
  • Meeting agreed service obligations: Features like Follow the Sun enable service providers to meet their service promises on a global scale.
  • A fitting solution for any IT infrastructure: Suitable for almost any existing IT infrastructure thanks to a great interface openness.

All of those features, benefits, and savings are bundled in our Secure Service Hub: The solution for digital collaboration between service providers and machine operators. Creating a positive impact on digitalization and environmental impact is our vision – by connecting people and machines around the globe through our platform. Sending service technicians around the world to get machines running again is going to be reduced dramatically. Remote access enables manufacturers as well as service providers to save CO2 emissions, that are produced by traveling to a broken machine. One-day climate protection could be achieved through digitalization in the machine industry.

What are your thoughts about climate protection achieved through digitalization in the machine industry? Michael is happy hear your feedback, thoughts and is open to answer any of your questions. Get in touch with him via mail or send a message to our sales team. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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