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A Game-Changer for Machines.

The Secure Service Hub by symmedia: Market-oriented innovation for more efficiency
  • 28.11.2023
    Marius Burger
A Game-Changer for Machines.

Transformation, digitization, competition: Our time of change sets challenges to the manufacturing and machining sector. Efficiency, flexibility and security are the buzzwords of an industry facing crisis after crisis. A highly promising solution is given by symmedia: With our new Secure Service Hub (SSH), we are launching a revolutionary platform that enables next level collaboration between machine manufacturers and operators – aiming to sustainably optimize service processes around plants and machines. “The SSH is a game-changer – for manufacturers, for operators and for all machines.” says CEO Andreas Thal. Let’s take a closer look…

The “Anytime, Anywhere” Revolution

Secure Service Hub (SSH) is a web-based service platform that provides operators and manufacturers with comprehensive digital access to their entire fleet of machines – even via mobile devices, completely independent of their location. While machine manufacturers can provide service level agreements through the SSH, operators may use the platform as a portal to the manufacturer, enhancing the availability of their machines. Thus, the SSH enables a new form of digital collaboration opening new horizons:

  • Next Level Asset & Service Case Management: The SSH can be tailored to the requirements of a company, regardless of age or complexity of its machine fleet, enabling widespread digital service in no time.
  • Real-time Monitoring: The SSH allows real-time monitoring of machines and equipment, enabling early problem detection and avoiding downtime.
  • Remote Maintenance: With the SSH, service technicians can securely access and diagnose machines remotely. This not only saves time but also reduces travel cost and supports efficient problem-solving.
  • Data Ownership: The SSH offers comprehensive features for each tenant on the platform, with the collaboration options (service, technical support, and analysis) while strictly adhering to data sovereignty for each tenant!

That said, symmedia emphasizes high security standards: “As a cloud-based solution, the SSH complies with eBanking standards in terms of both convenience and maximum security!” says symmedia CTO Marius Burger adding that symmedia is IEC 62443 certified.

Limitless Efficiency

Proof of success can be found among manufacturers who already run the SSH for their customers, such as tech companies Kurtz Ersa or GF Machining Solutions. In both cases, the SSH serves as a customized and user-friendly service management platform for all assets, contributing to optimizing production processes, minimizing downtime, and significantly saving costs and CO2. Andreas Thal draws a conclusion: “The SSH helps you achieve maximum efficiency – and efficiency is the best reaction to the demands of digital transformation and a strong response to short-term crises.”

Curious of what the Secure Service Hub can do for you?
Contact Bernd Bertram or Michael Halfar via for more information.

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