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We love Bikes!

Fit for Future: Symmedia officially awarded as “Bicycle-Friendly Employer”
  • 05.06.2023
    Thomas Terfloth
We love Bikes!

Sometimes it’s surprisingly easy to do something good for your health while combining the pleasant with the useful. At symmedia, we recognized on that the bicycle is not only the top choice for everyday physical activity but also a key component of a new understanding of mobility. As part of our “Fit For Future” program, we have implemented a range of measures to promote bike commuting for our symmedians, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of both health and practicality!

Win/win with an official certificate

Since 2017, the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) has been awarding a new EU-wide certification called “Bicycle-Friendly Employer.” Companies seeking this certificate must meet strict criteria. “We assess, for example, whether there are enough showers and secure bicycle parking facilities available at the company,” says Andreas Bittner from the ADFC regarding the criteria for awarding the certification. We’re proud that symmedia fulfilled these requirements so well that our application earned us the “Silver Medal” on our first attempt! Andreas Bittner from the ADFC, who conducted the certification audit, considers it an exceptional achievement. Cheers go to Janika Kläsener from our HR department and our newly appointed cycling coordinator, Daniel Löbbe (Product Owner) for playing a significant role in this accomplishment.

“Our employees and their health are important to us, so we support them in various ways to take care of their fitness,” says Thomas Terfloth, CFO of symmedia. He also expressed his delight at the environmentally friendly side effect of the bicycle program, saying, “It’s even better that, by promoting cycling, we can directly contribute to reducing traffic congestion and CO2 emissions in the city of Bielefeld.”

symmedia symHealth Drahteselwiese Fahrradstellplatz

Part of the symmedia program “Fit For Future”

Promoting cycling is part of symmedia’s Fit for Future program. With Fit for Future, symmedia offers its employees opportunities to further develop and stay fit during and outside of working hours. A holistic approach is always emphasized: Not only are good facilities such as secure bicycle parking, repair options, and shower facilities essential for symmedia, but joint activities that promote cycling are also an integral part. In February 2021, symmedians conducted a company-wide 30-day challenge using the app, which allows participants to track bicycle kilometers. And during the annual “Stadtradeln” event at the end of May, even occasional cyclists can be motivated to use their bikes more often.

“Such activities are not only seen as part of the internal Fit for Future program but also had important team-building and communicative aspects during the times of COVID-19 and increased remote work,” explains Terfloth. “We have not only recognized the opportunities and necessities of promoting workplace mobility but have actively implemented them. The certification as a bicycle-friendly employer by the ADFC gives us the drive to continue down this path.”

symmedia symHealth Fahrradfreundlicher Arbeitgeber Award

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