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The IEC 62443 kick-off for internationally certified security standards

Milestone achieved: Our Journey to IEC 62443 certification!
  • 17.07.2023
    Marius Burger
The IEC 62443 kick-off for internationally certified security standards

With the completion of the last GAP analysis, we have reached a crucial milestone in our journey towards the IEC 62443 certification assessed by TÜV IT. We are taking steps towards internationally certified security standards:  The risk of cyber attacks is increasing day by day, and responsible information handling is more vital than ever. Data is a precious asset, and its loss or manipulation can have major ramifications for our customers. IEC 62443 (Industrial Communication Networks – Networks and System Security) has become a globally recognized standard for evidence of conformity in the process and automation industries.

Why is certification advantageous to symmedia and our customers?

The adoption of the IEC 62243 standard has a significant positive impact on a variety of factors. Significant advantages include, among other things, the following:

* Confirmation of adherence to internationally recognized security standards for clients and business partners
* Reduction of errors and reputational damage
* Reduction of costs and risks through advance identification and elimination of security loopholes
* Reduction of production outages, increased plant availability
* Presentation of current quality and security certifications as evidence of performance capability and customer focus

What happens next?

The Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) certification for the Secure Service Hub product development is the next phase, as reflected by the IEC 62443 4-1 standard. The consistent execution of the “Defense in Depth” method and the highest criteria in the field of “Secure Coding” are two critical components of this standard.

Remain tuned for updates on our progress in this area – we will keep you updated in our symZone. If you now ask yourself: “What’s in it for me?” do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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