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Saving Time is Saving Money.

The Secure Service Hub as part of the solution: Part 4 – it’s all about the digital future!
  • 29.04.2024
    Andreas Thal
Saving Time is Saving Money.

Summarizing our Blog series about symmedia’s Secure Service Hub being part of the solution it is evidently clear that we contribute to the digital future of our customers & partners! On top we showed that starting with the most efficient secure digital collaboration platform – with the Secure Service Hub you open a universe of real market advantages and business opportunities.

Moor’s law seems to point to one direction – the speedup of technical development circles demand a constant focus on “time to market” which is the most important success factor in the industry.

We provide secure digital collaboration for operators and service providers (manufacturers) alike, meeting on equal terms on an independent multi-tenancy platform. Your assets, processes, information and production data is jailed in an own secure area providing full authority and full autonomy about your decision and degree of collaboration – anytime/anywhere!

It’s all about efficiency: reduce downtimes and efforts to save some real money.

  • Optimization of timelines: Machine downtimes can be significantly reduced with the Secure Service Hub. All machinery issues are streamlined into one service management tool, where operators and service providers can have access to machines wherever they are with one single purpose to reduce service times (Quote from Rena: “Five times faster!”).
  • Cost savings on service processes: Imagine collaboration through a single service management tool, accessible anytime, anywhere. Stop spending time and money on various programs for various machines. Stop wasting time on the road instead of helping yourselfes and your customers in the most effective way. We have calculation best practices how our secure digital collaboration platform saves money from the first second of use.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions: Service providers won’t travel from a different country to resolve issues that can easily be fixed through live chats, web calls, and remote access to your machines.

It’s all about focus: create more value for your customers.

  • Focus on your core business: While your service providers have access to your machines wherever they are, your manpower keeps working on your business goals. With your focus on important business matters you stop wasting time resolving issues and leave it to your service providers to find and solve problems.
  • Streamline your service processes: Which asset belongs to which service contract again? Say goodbye to complex service procedures – with the Secure Service Hub all your assets can be managed through one platform. Any details, documents, and live data are available: anytime, anywhere.All about our environment

It’s all about additional business & time to market.

  • Expand your revenues: By reducing machine downtime your productivity, quality, and efficiency will expand equally. You will notice the difference in gaining more time for production while spending less time on service processes.
  • Bring more value to the customer: With the Secure Service Hub you add value to your machines by focusing on expanding business models of your assets. If it’s data science, add-on applications or process automation, you can zoom in on the specific demands of your customers. Customer loyalty comes from trust and real-time business gains.

We can help to drive your success!

  • Proven expertise for machines: We have been on the market for 25 years. With more than two decades of knowledge, we have the experience to individually analyze your demand and find the fitting solution for any operator.
  • Consulting – knowing the how: Our knowledge is there to support your business in reaching goals. Together we work on efficiency, security, and any issue encountered along the way to success.
  • Efficient support: Wherever you are. Whether it’s an online conference, a call, or a meeting at your facilities – we are here to help. There’s a solution for every issue – and together we will find it to improve efficiency.

It’s not an option nor an opportunity to focus on your digital service processes. The imperative comes from the cumulative demand of security, trust, efficiency and business expansion. The Secure Service Hub provides all that – combined with the freedom to decide about your vision and degree of business integration. You save money, you have time to focus on your business and you do not have to worry about enabling individual secure digital collaboration!

Let’s find out what SSH can do for you: Contact us today, Bernd Bertram and his team are happy to hear from you!

About Secure Service Hub (SSH)

Our brand new Secure Service Hub (SSH) is a web based servicing platform connecting machines to their operators and service providers. SSH can be tailored to the specific demands of a company, enabling next-level service case management, anytime-anywhere collaboration, secure remote maintenance and data retrieval – wherever you are!

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