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Mastering economic success when time is a scarce resource.

The Secure Service Hub as part of the solution: Part 2 – it’s all about focus!
  • 12.03.2024
    Andreas Thal
Mastering economic success when time is a scarce resource.

Time is a scarce resource in today’s business landscape. Every minute saved can contribute to the economic success of a production site. On the one hand, streamlining and optimizing service processes is a necessity while on the other hand machine downtimes must be reduced to be economically successful with your business.

With the new Secure Service Hub (SSH), symmedia presents a solution that helps you save time and resources on your service processes. We provide next level collaboration between machine operators and service providers and secure remote service – which leads to drastically saving time and money while significantly reducing machine downtimes.

Here’s how the Secure Service Hub helps you maximize efficiency:

  • Focus on your core business: While your service providers have access to your machines wherever they are, your manpower keeps working on your business goals. With your focus on important business matters you stop wasting time resolving issues and leave it to your service providers to find and solve problems.
  • Streamline your service processes: Which asset belongs to which service contract again? Say goodbye to complex service procedures – with the Secure Service Hub all your assets can be managed through one platform. Any details, documents, and live data are available: anytime, anywhere.
  • Expand your revenues: By reducing machine downtime your productivity, quality, and efficiency will expand equally. You will notice the difference in gaining more time for production while spending less time on service processes.

No limits, no boundaries: By developing a cloud-based service solution, we liberated all collaboration restrictions and efficiency roadblocks, while never accepting security trade-offs. Sounds like a solution? Well, it’s definitely a strong approach!

Let’s find out what SSH can do for you: Contact us today, Bernd Bertram and his team are happy to hear from you!

About Secure Service Hub (SSH)

Our brand new Secure Service Hub (SSH) is a web based servicing platform connecting machines to their operators and service providers. SSH can be tailored to the specific demands of a company, enabling next-level service case management, anytime-anywhere collaboration, secure remote maintenance and data retrieval – wherever you are!

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