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Saving Time is Saving Money.

Summarizing our Blog series about symmedia’s Secure Service Hub being part of the solution it is evidently clear that we contribute to the digital future of our customers & partners! On top we showed that starting with the most efficient secure digital collaboration platform – with the Secure Service Hub you open a universe of real market advantages and business opportunities. Moor’s law seems to point to one direction – the speedup of technical development circles demand a constant focus on “time to market” which is the...

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Mastering collaboration to achieve success together.

In today’s fast-paced world where efficiency, time to market, and time itself are crucial resources, collaboration is more important than ever to achieve success. At symmedia, we believe that collaboration between service providers and operators is necessary for your business to thrive. We want to find the best possible solution for your operations: individual, tailored to your needs, and secure. With the Secure Service Hub (SSH) we created a solution, that can improve your efficiency and take your service process management to the next level. How we...

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Mastering economic success when time is a scarce resource.

Time is a scarce resource in today’s business landscape. Every minute saved can contribute to the economic success of a production site. On the one hand, streamlining and optimizing service processes is a necessity while on the other hand machine downtimes must be reduced to be economically successful with your business. With the new Secure Service Hub (SSH), symmedia presents a solution that helps you save time and resources on your service processes. We provide next level collaboration between machine operators and service providers and secure remote service...

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Mastering Efficiency In Today’s Business Landscape.

It’s no secret that the digital future is all about efficiency: Today’s business landscape is ever-evolving – new technologies, economic uncertainties, and adaption to climate change contribute to a challenging environment for us all. In a digital future, success will rely on efficiency, cost reduction and flexibility – and that digital future has already begun. At symmedia we strongly believe, that our brand new Secure Service Hub (SSH) can play an important role in facing these challenges for the production industry. Our new digital service platform has...

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A Game-Changer for Machines.

Transformation, digitization, competition: Our time of change sets challenges to the manufacturing and machining sector. Efficiency, flexibility and security are the buzzwords of an industry facing crisis after crisis. A highly promising solution is given by symmedia: With our new Secure Service Hub (SSH), we are launching a revolutionary platform that enables next level collaboration between machine manufacturers and operators – aiming to sustainably optimize service processes around plants and machines. “The SSH is a game-changer – for manufacturers, for...

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Business Driven Solution Architecture

In this symZone article, I would like to invite you to take a quick look behind the scenes of Secure Service Hub (SSH) and show you how we develop the perfect application architecture for ever-growing (business) demands to modern software solutions like SSH. For us, the decisive success factor is the consistent alignment of the software architecture with the business model and the associated value proposition. This is neither a new software design pattern, nor does it replace valuable and meaningful patterns such as BDD or DDD (Behavior/Domain Driven Design), which we also...

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